A multiple solutions provider company mainly deals CCTV, Fire Alarm System, Security Alarm System, Access Control Sytems and multimedia solutionz.

As designer and manufacturer of CCTV systems, Mainstay Solutionz can custom build a system based on your requirements. Mainstay Solutionz only uses name-brand components in our PC Based DVRs such as Intel, Western Digital and Prudent Way to name a few. The best components deliver the best, most reliable and long-lasting DVR systems for peace of mind right from the start.

Our team has a vast experience in CCTV installations, DVR manufacturing and covert operations Nationwide, so Mainstay Solutionz offers the industry’s cleanest and most professional installation, specializing in custom and covert installation in any size project.

We always match your requirements with the right solution since our Security Consultants are highly knowledgeable in the CCTV field.

All of our systems can be viewed and controlled on-site or remotely, various automations such as access control systems, lights and more can also be controlled using our systems.

For our customers with multiple locations we offer multiple system integration into one central station and also custom fabrication of security control rooms.

Mainstay Solutionz offers optional maintenance for CCTV systems that incorporates all aspects of the system from the wiring to the cameras, DVR and more.

We Provide Following solutions:

Monitoring your home, institution, office or factory from anywhere.