Spy and IP Cameras


Spycam equipment is perfect for situations that cause you concern but yet you can’t control. For example, while at work you cannot monitor what is happening in your home. When purchasing a spy cam careful consideration such be given to exactly what you need the camera to accomplish. For example, if you require the spy cam to operate 24 hrs a day as opposed to day time only then you will require a totally different camera. Our range of cameras will cover all situations from largely fixed position spy cams capable of operation in all weather conditions to micro spy cams that employ wireless technology, allowing easy installation as well as great flexibility.


IP camera also referred to as a network camera or Internet camera, allows you to view video images over computer networks such as a Local Area Network (LAN), a Wide Area Network (WAN), wireless network or the Internet. This networking capability makes IP cameras (network camera, Internet camera) suitable for a diverse range of security and non-security applications, including surveillance, office and parking lot security, construction job site monitoring, retail security, project management, transport security, home surveillance or for online marketing and PR where an Internet camera can be used as a professional webcam.

Mainstay Solutionz selected IP Cams are the ultimate solution for your Mobile surveillance needs.